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Boca Raton, FL

South Florida - 1/16/2011
The climate is great for about 2-3 months of the year. The rest of the year is fine, as long as you like to be soaked in sweat every time you step outside for more than a minute or two. The traffic is like any other crowded metro area that lacks decent public transportation, but down here you get the added bonus of the masses of the unlicensed, uninsured, and ultra-aggressive drivers who are quite proficient at road-rage. But the experience is not limited to driving. Most places you go in South Florida, people serve up hearty helpings of "get out of my way" and "me first" with an extra-large side of "sense of entitlement." I have had the pleasure of living in South Florida for about 3/4 of my life, but have also traveled quite a lot over those years and I have yet to find a place where the overall vibe can compete with Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties in terms of hostility and rudeness. I chalk it up to the combustible combination of several factors: the heat and humidity, the over-crowding, and the clash of cultures, to name just a few. It isn't always obvious to people who come for a visit, or even for the first couple of years of living here, but it seems to become an unfortunate fact of life for most people who have lived down here after the first few years, if not sooner. Yes, I would like to move, and yes, I welcome information about other areas, thanks! =)

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