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Milwaukee, WI

Best Review Ever Written. - 1/18/2020
Like many waterfront cities (like Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, St Louis, New Orleans, Memphis, etc, etc, etc), Milwaukee does have its violent side. This penchant for settling scores is overwhelmingly shaped by geography and demographics. My advice to anyone considering living in Milwaukee has always been "Always pay your dope dealer.", not surprising advice given Milwaukee citizens' legendary thrift habits. Also, the "dangerous" areas are WAY overrated (local TV news is notoriously bloodthirsty) and there is no place in town that I won't go to, day or night, if the need/desire arises. As in most places, a civil tongue and good manners will always succeed.
Milwaukee has quite a few wildly resurgent and redeveloping areas: the Third Ward, the Lower Eastside, Brewer's Hill, Hadley Hill, Downtown, Bay View, Walker's Point, Pabst City, the Deer District, N. 3rd Street, RiverWest, among others. East Mitchell Street and Avenues West are starting to stir. Having hit a critical mass, Milwaukee's redevelopment is self-sustaining, private investors are creating their own energy, and continued vibrant regrowth is not dependent on government "funny money".
And finally as if that is not enough, the Brewer's made the playoffs, the Packers were 13-3, the Bucks are 37-7, the Wisconsin Badgers went to the Rose Bowl, and Badger and Golden Warrior basketball teams are wildly dangerous for opponents this year.
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