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Williamsburg, VA

Really think twice about living here. - 5/3/2014
As a Northerner and a person of color, I found this area to be the worst place I've lived (I have lived up and down the East Coast). This town is not diverse and in general, very segregated. Williamsburg is a pretty town to visit for 2 hours, but I would never recommend this place to live in unless you're 65 or have a family and just want to settle. If you're someone that enjoys any sort of real culture, I would also say to absolutely stay away...
Winters are very bleak and in general, Williamsburg is very, very limited. I have found the Hampton Roads area to just be depressing with its military/industrial hold...the people in general seem to be unhappy, traffic is awful, and despite the fact that no one knows Hampton Roads aside from the people living there, the cost of living is almost to that of Richmond...very pricey for living in a no-name, depressed area. Also, if you like to travel or fly much, trying to get out is painful--Norfolk airport is extremely expensive, or you're forced to schlep it to Richmond Airport--which is also ridiculously expensive. Seriously consider where you are in life, who you are and what you enjoy before contemplating about living in the Williamsburg/Hampton Roads area.

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