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Springfield, MO

Meh - 8/11/2018
I've lived here almost 10 years. And it's okay. It's just...okay. If you have to live in Missouri, this is a decent place to do it. I'd rather not, though. Lots of good restaurants and schools. Has everything you need to live conveniently. You can keep chickens in your yard. Traffic and stoplights are a b*tch and explains the tendency of Springfield drivers to nearly run red lights. Politics are mixed, I've seen groups for almost all types here. Rent's really low! But your wages might be, too.

Missouri, MO

Just not my cup of tea - 8/9/2018
Very good cost of living. I am from Springfield where there is an abundance of Chinese food in both restaurant and store form, so if you love Chinese food like I do, that's a plus. Good colleges here- Drury is amazing! Can't say for other parts of the state.

However, it's not for me. I don't like this region. It's just not comfortable for me, I find I prefer the weather, food, and culture of other places. Crime rate is notoriously high. Politics are...I'd say they're purple, really, more conservative leaning but if that's not your thing you can find liberals and others.

It could easily be a great place to live for someone who is more suited to this region of the country. But not for me.

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