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Dickinson, ND

Growing up in ND - 5/18/2011
I lived in ND all of my life until my son got married to a gal from MN. I moved to the city in which she lived. Sometimes I regret leaving my family behind to go to another state, but now after the oil field stuff, I can't see myself ever living there again. They no longer maintain their streets. I went through the town in Oct and now again in May and WOW... the streets are horrible... no one there takes responsibility for their homes or streets anymore. The trailer court on the south side looks worst then a ghetto....the holes are so big you can't even drive in the trailer court without worries of falling through to china. No lie the roads are like this throughout town. They are collecting the mega money they get from the oil patch people and just pocketing the money not spending it back into the roads or anything. In a couple of more years you will need cranes to lift people out of the holes that are growing. in the T-Rex plaza parking lot by Conoco it is so bad that you can't even drive by it in back.

Marshall, MN

Weather - 1/1/2010
I moved to Marshall in 2007 and have regretted it since I have asthma and with that I have had chronic colds and coughing most of the time. The humidity is too high in the winter too. Around here most of the people look out for themselves and not many times do they look out for their neighbor. I now am stuck living here for awhile longer until I can afford to move some place else.

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