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North Carolina, NC

Western NC is Not the place to live - 3/4/2020
Western NC (eg Asheville, Hendersonville and surrounding areas) is Not the place to move to. No proper supporting jobs except tourism and elderly care. Horrendous drug problem of Crystal Meth and other deadly addictive illegal drugs. Children kidnapped for sex trafficking (worst kept secret) and significant increase in violent crimes (due to drug problem).

It's expensive to buy a reasonable home - expect
to pay over $300k for modest house and property. Air, water, and soil are polluted and NC state and local governments refuse to do anything about this growing environmental disaster.

Do Not move here if you have children and want them safe and reasonably well educated. Do not move here looking for decent employment. Do not attempt retirement here because prices have skyrocketed and medical care is overwhelmed by other baby boomers jamming doctor's offices.

Locals are slow, stupid and nasty. If you want Anything done correctly, seek northerners-- including doctors, lawyers, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, etc. Locals have No work ethic and are plain lazy.

Locals complain bitterly about northerner influx and impact on the area but forget northern money, expertise, and huge efforts in community support have been the uplifting factor for this area.

Western NC is not nirvana. Visit for a week before making the decision to move here. Take note that winters are frigid and summer's are hot and humid.

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