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Spokane, WA

Just what Spokane needs - more idiots! - 10/8/2019
A profit-driven healthcare system based on exploitation of pharmaceuticals has turned Spokane into a legalized narcotics market. Not a fan of any of these "mental health professionals" that are in this to profit off of situations. By definition, they take advantage of the situation and do so to try and make off of others by essentially sizing them up as an easy-mark. That is another reason to never return to Spokane for reasons like that. Absolute worst type of healthcare system you could ever encounter.

Spokane, WA

Wonderful City to Live In
- 10/8/2019
Your review is not keeping it real with people who walk through delipidated streets and square off against the face of evil that are violent and thuggish junkie types in downtown Spokane in the riverside sector. Surprised that you really haven't done enough exploration. Perhaps it is just a lesson that is lost on you.

Spokane, WA

Dark negative cloud
- 10/8/2019
Spokane is by far one of the worst excuses for a place to live that people with standards would find so disagreeable. Absolute lack of professional development. Absence of good policing and proper education. Violent and thuggish practices are the norm while remaining derelict about property crime and sexual abuse that occur on a daily basis. The Police Department does not listen to sexual abuse victims. What an absolutely retarded norm.

Spokane, WA

Absolutely No Recommendation. - 10/8/2019
Spokane is one type of location where you are straight up advised to find a better place to go to. Absolutely dysfunctional setting. Spokane is the absolute worst type of community that one could ever run into. Absolutely no welcoming or appreciation for ones existence as the norm. Neighborhood Watch have affiliations with the Ku Klux Klan and make up false police reports to play Russian roulette. No sense of friendship or real leadership worth your time. Police will treat you like a felon.

Worst Air Quality in the Nation. Worst Job Market in the United States several times in a row. One of the worst places for property crime. Business fraud and unprofessional practices are a common routine here. Bad neighbors who are unwelcoming and suffer from severe psychological, emotional, and behavioral problems. Bad neighbors who attract skunks with absolutely no recourse as to the damage that it causes towards property and quality. Crime is widespread and is never appropriately dealt with and only gets worse due to police corruption and sheer incompetence from personnel who mishandle situations with gross mental instability. If you are a thug or a loan shark, you actually have more rights due to extensive business fraud and corruption from the top down. Police Corruption that is some of the absolute worst I have ever encountered in my whole life. A complacent population where being a hoodlum and a junkie is the norm while having any good education appears to be absent.

There will be absolutely no recommendation from me for anybody to visit Spokane. More trouble than what it is worth.

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