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Boulder, CO

Snob says it's ok - 9/18/2020
Most people do much worse than Boulder. I'm the most critical person I've ever met who is never happy or satisfied -- so that's a pretty huge compliment.

Boulder, CO

Rich - 9/15/2020
As hypocritical as it is -- the money stays in Boulder and for that I am thankful. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Syracuse, NY

Centrally Located
- 9/15/2020
Run for your life!

Syracuse, NY

Beyond repair -- MAKE IT A NUCLEAR TESTING SITE - 9/15/2020
Syracuse is a 3rd class hole of morbidly pathetic faces and dank feces. Former industrial, dead, small city that was NEVER pretty but once home to satellite corporations as was Binghamton, Albany, Rochester, and Buffalo. ALL AFOREMENTIONED CITIES ARE DEAD AND SO POOR WITH THE EXCEPTION OF TEACHING HOSPITALS AND UNIVERSITIES THAT SUCK STATE AND FEDERAL AID DOLLARS THROUGH CME! Without those revenue streams, all upstate NY cities would ONLY be drug dens of worse despair and human trafficking through Canada! It was HORRIBLE to be raised there! Pure boredom and sheltered existence! No culture! God forbid one is homosexual or not white! Outsiders likely commit suicide or become vegetables. The suburbs were so WHITE and middle class and boring with the highest taxes in America! 70+% of my graduating high school class FLED that place like it was their mission in life! Most have not returned!

RUN away from upstate NY unless you have millions and can keep earning millions because it sucks taxes and one does not want to be poor and stuck in upstate NY! I can't think of a worser torture on one's enemy!

Boulder, CO

Scary elderly joggers
- 9/15/2020
Crosby is so 3rd world compared to Boulder -- don't come

Pittsburgh, PA

Oakland is a place where one can have a life! - 5/8/2020
It's one of the few connected neighborhoods in Pittsburgh with history and a Lyft-Uber culture where you don't need a car because there is so much public and university transportation -- and you can actually have a life after your job at the daily grind. I pity the wrinkling, provincial-minded, racist, money-mongers in the suburbs with no lives.

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