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South Carolina, SC

Bluffton, South Carolina or anywhere in Carolina - 3/12/2016
I purchased a home in SC., and just sold after 2 years. Now ladies and gentlemen, please let me explain, my industry is travel. I've lived, loved, and played everywhere. This isn't the place. Unless, you like damp cold winter's that go right through you. Rude people who after 20 years think they're grandfathered in and a native-they want your money, but not you. If you need something done to your home---don't call a native company, they won't show up on time, make the appointment, guarantee their work or anything...you've got to go through the phone book and websites as tedious as it may seem and find a Yankee owned company. I'm dead serious. It's a common problem and complaint. The SC people don't like to work but on their own schedule and it's generally poor work. If you want to play golf...well, it rains and it rains a lot the courses our closed and soaked. Many people buy here thinking their winter's will be pleasant and go back north. As for culture...OMG. Forget about it, you want a Severance Hall or Orchestra you have to drive to Atkanta, or Charleston. Medical--Duke in Charleston. The food is horrible it's fried, fried, and fried. You can walk into a restaurant and your shoes slide. Crime lots of break-ins. Up to you but I'd head elsewhere. We are...or you could grow webbed feet. I'm not a tree, I don't need to live in such rain. The natives will tell you the trees need it and the trees are beautiful, but. I want to live. It's a big joke here. Savannah is beautiful, but you can walk it in a day. You are then done. And, looking for something else to do. The water also smells very bad. Remember this is a swamp. A big swampy state fit for animals not humans. There is a reason people buy and sell so quickly. There is a reason the state stayed undeveloped for do long think about it??? I would guide a person to North Carolina first. The weather us almost the same, less rain, a bit more progressive and you have Duke and Duke Symphony etc...the close proximity to outer banks and same fishing so on...

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