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Mission, TX | 3 Review(s)

i live in Mcallen, the City of Palms.


Life Stage: n/a
Enjoys: i go to school and want to get out of the RGV asap


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McAllen, TX

re: McAllen and the Rio Grande Valley - 10/16/2008
- 3/2/2009
i was born here and i agree with most of the things you said, but the only set back is that its very very close to Mexico. the Drug violence is realy bad, im trying to warn ppl about that, but the Mcallen area is relativley safe, i just hope that there isnt a spill over.

McAllen, TX

re: Very nice people - 5/28/2006
- 3/2/2009
well then ur lucky and are in the good part of Mcallen,i feel like im boxed in here, i cant go 2 PSJA because of all the gangs. Man, i just hope there isnt a spill over like the news said that they are trying to prevent. im getting the heck out of here 4 spring break.other thatn the drug violence, Mcallen is a realy nice place.its like a nice piece of cake surrounded by moldy bread and rotten stuff, but o well, this is were i live.:(

McAllen, TX

Mcallen - 3/2/2009
The Mission-Mcallen-Edingburg is a nice area.There are many hosptiols, movie theatres,a couple high rises, not mutch traffic,a Vealero at every corner, and Wal-Marts everywhere.There are many libraries,coffee shops, auto repair and everything you need to survive.When the northern part of the country is in an ice storm and -40F degrees were are at a comfortable 75-85F degrees.If you like live performances, such as symphonic bands,big time musicians, and if you are lucky,the opera may come down and play at the "New Mcallen Civic Center", also not far away is the Dodge Arena where the Major Major musicians and enents happen such as BorderFest,Brad Paisley, WWE, and of coursethe home to the RGV KILLER BEES!! Also other bands may play at the Cine El Rey in the downtown area next to the Bentsen Tower and a block away from the ScreamfactorX(a popular haunted house, open only in October).Cine El Rey is also in the middle of the shopping district, 3 blocks away from the bus station, 15 mins. from the Miller Inernational Airport and the mall.Mcallen is a nice place to live,its about 2 hrs. away from the beach,but... the drug violence is getting real bad!

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