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Richmond Hill, GA

Over crowded, Bad traffic and rude people. - 3/29/2019
I have lived here for five long years. This is the worst place I have ever lived. There is nothing to do and nowhere to shop. You have to travel thirty minutes to get to the mall. Which is in an even whose city. There is no such thing as southern hospitality here everyone is mean and nasty. No one says hello, no one waves, no one opens up the door for you. Our neighbors stole our package. Several people don't follow the dog leash law. You have dogs running around pooping in your yard and scaring your children. People are horrible drivers here. There is an accident everyday. People drive so crazy and jump in front of you and make you slam on your breaks. The schools are over crowded because they keep building houses. The buses are over crowded children have to stand up on the bus. The buses are late so much the school put up illegal signs to yield to the buses, when in this state right turns all yield. The middle school is fifteen minutes from town, and they are building a new elementary and high school in the same spot. Can't drop your kids off without a dump truck jumping in front of you. The schools have high turnover. Teachers are fired in the middle of the year without telling you. They don't volunteer any information. I don't get any updates on my kids except report cards. The schools don't get good scores on testing. Two railroad tracks run through the entire town. There are three streets in town and all have a railroad crossing. There is construction on all three streets as of 3-29-2019. This is a bad flood zone. We had flooding and not just during any of the hurricanes that came through. Kroger is always overcrowded and out of stock, can't even get gas without sitting in line. The trash pick up is bad, the guy's are rude. They put your trash can in other people's driveways and in front of your car so you can't get out of your driveway. I have a bad experience everyday in this town and the surrounding cities. It's the people, the people are horrible. Don't waist your time or money on the over priced and overcrowded place.

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