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Omaha, NE

Lived here twice. - 3/4/2018
Ok, originally from Minneapolis. Came here because the lead singer of the counting crows has a song called 'Omaha' and I saw on a tv special a person saying they take really good care of their homeless there (and they Do).I'm a life explorer and if you really like finding the nooks and crannies of a city this one is a lot of fun. Avoid North= that's where the blacks live and the ones here are pretty ignorant and can be vicious. The South is all Latino and is pretty cool to visit. The food there is excellent if you like authentic Mexican grub. You have a typical mall and rich people all to the west. The middle of the west side had cool bike paths and stuff. Downtown is really neat. Lots of cool building styles representing all decades. Lots of old brick stuff. It's very hilly so expect to do a lot of hills. The 'something to do' is what you make of it?! If you want to hang at a cool bar regularly= plenty to suit your taste. If you're looking for something different to do a few times a week= you'll hate it here, it's not that kind of city. The people? Not good. Though they may be labeled 'midwest' that's like calling someone from Detroit= Midwest. They are tactful and respectful but not genuinely nice or open or liberal. They won't tell you they dislike you but it would be obvious underneath their facade. Overall I had fun when I lived here but no F@

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