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Tucson, AZ

re: Tucson Really Sucks! - 2/10/2011
- 10/5/2014
I really disagree. It makes sense, you're from New York. I think East Coasters are 1000 times worse than the people here. I moved here last year from Virginia, and can I just say the East Coast is full of rich, snotty people who only care for themselves. The only reason you call them unfriendly is because they aren't exactly like you. On the East Coast you have to be a certain way or society will hate you. The heat is a lot better than humidity that makes you wet all over 24/7. You're exactly like all the others, making $100,000 a year by typing on a computer screen. The East Coast is a horrible place. The only reason the schools are " Horrible " is because, again, they aren't following the East Coasts ways. HA. You know what I say, GET OUT AND MAKE ROOM FOR ALL THE PEOPLE WHO LOVE IT. You're a racist bastard who is as American as any everyone else in this country. These are the most down to earth people in the US. Hope you have fun judging people and making a lot of money. Have a good life, hope youre arrogance is worth it when youre in the grave.

Tucson, AZ

- 7/21/2014
Tucson is an amazing city and Im from the cooler east coast. Tucson has tons of culture and is way more interestig than anywhere I been. Eastcoasters are stuck up to me. Not trying to affend anyone but people here tend to be more laid back and fun. The weayher is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G for all the other months. If you hate it so much, leave and please make more room for the people who love it. Summer is pretty bareable. At least its 100 degrees and dry instead of being 90 degrees and feel like 105 because of humidity. Ive had to walk in this because I didnt have a car and I was very fine. Mt. Lemmon also gives a break from the heat. Tucsons climate is diverse and theres tons to do. I love just driving around. Its so interesting. I know this was four years ago but many people love it. Why is Tucson one of the fastes growing cities? That has to be fore something. You have to discover Tucson. Please try, or like I said make more room.

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