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Wilsonville, OR

Let's get the facts straight ;) - 10/7/2013
Hi Jim "horrible climate"... I invite you to visit Wilsonville again because I would bet money that your take on this little hidden gem would be very different than it was in 2008. I've lived here almost my whole life and have seen it change tremendously... Wilsonville has grown and expanded in exciting and innovative ways. Its interesting that you forget to include the fact that all of the Portland Metro area has pretty much the same weather year-round... That means Portland has just as much rain as it's little southern sister, Wilsonville. Being next to the Willamette river we have many foggy mornings that make the sunrise ever fancier and just as many sunny days as beautiful Portland does. Every year we have an absolutely gorgeous Fall season with incredible colors blanketing the rolling hills and countryside as well and our gorgeously maintained city. As far as the SUV's and Soccer mom's... I give you that! But the people are definitely tight-knit and they truly care about their neighbors - unlike most neighborhoods these days. I grew up in the "country" of Wilsonville and it's still it the country because it's protected from the Urban sprawl... As far as the urban areas are concerned, they are growing exponentially with new shopping centers including Fred Meyer, Target, Costco, and Albertsons... Along with these convenient retailers there are also many new restaurants and various other stops - All of this without losing our hometown feel. Sure, I'm partial to the city I call home but I feel when someone makes such an unsubstantiated review with a few blatant, not to mention incorrect statements based on what seems to be once very unpleasant stay - it makes me sad. On the other hand... Keeping this wonderful town a secret just leaves more of it for those of us who appreciate it to keep enjoying the peace. I hope you find your happy place :)

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