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Redding, CA

Booming! - 2/26/2020
Sprouts is opening, today 2/26/2020, Home goods opens next month. Tons of construction going on around town and downtown. The city has been working hard to clean up homelessness and create more open spaces. Also over 6 million has just been approved to expand Caldwell park that will include a new Mountain Bike park! Look up Reinventing Redding and other news articles about the boom that is happening in Redding and see for your self. The city has been named the highest paying city for RNs adjusted for Cost of living. Glad we moved here! The last affordable area to live in California.

Redding, CA

- 12/10/2019
But then she goes off and moves to Lewiston, Idaho? LOL!!!!!

Redding, CA

Dead-end town for dead-end people.
- 12/10/2019
Good luck in your next city!

Redding, CA

Overrun with Bethel Cult members and drug - 12/10/2019
This review is so over exaggerated its laughable. Let me first start off by saying that I am in no way affiliated with the Bethel Church. According to the internet there are only 11000 members of Bethel Church and not all of them live in Redding. So that is less than an 1/8 of the population of 91,000 people. I do not even know if I even met someone that was part of Bethel. I would not know if I did'nt ask. They are not like Mormons riding around on bikes and suits coming up to people and asking to talk to them. There is nothing about Redding that screams Bethel. I admit the some of the Bethel Church's beliefs in my own opinion are kind of weird, but from what I read on the internet most of them are young adults, who dress and act like normal people and are heavily involved in music. From what I hear apart from their beliefs they are actually very nice people and outstanding citizens. I would rather have Bethel members, Mormons or any other god fearing people part of the community than gang members like you see in the larger cities, Just saying.

Redding, CA

Family just moved here and love it!!! - 12/5/2019
Me and the family just moved here about 6 months ago and just love it! Love the surroundings, love the schools and the community. The city is moving forward and is up and coming. You can tell from the support the community gets during the local events and all the building they are doing throughout the whole city especially downtown. Remember there will always be people complaining no matter what city you look up. Same complaints different city. There always just people who complain but not willing to do anything to help or add anything positive to their community. Its a small city with big city amenities, from costco about to be 2 of them, a mall, your typical big box office stores like wal mart , target, best buy etc.... most of the big fast foods including now 2 IN and Outs and a big 14 screen luxury theatre. There is even a water park here. What you wont find people sitting in traffic and long commutes. In my own opinion because of the high cost of living in the Bay Area and now in Sacramento, there will be a good number of people who want to live somewhere affordable and still be close to family will seriously start looking at Redding. I have already met quite a few people from different parts of California and other states also who recently relocated here.

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