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San Antonio, TX

What No One Will Tell You About San Antonio - 1/15/2019
The news will say otherwise and claim this city is safe, this may have been true years ago, but it is no longer the case. So Bottom line is IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT MOVING HERE….THINK AGAIN THIS CITY IS INFECTED WITH CRIME. Plus you have DRUG ADDICT CITY (Austin) 1 hour away. There are better cities where people don’t act like animals. San Antonio is full of the trash.

This city has gone down the toilet and fast. Mostly thanks to the drug using piles of trash who think using or selling drugs is cool. Weak or absent father figures are a contributor as well. It’s not a coincidence that the influx of Louisiana criminals when Hurricane Harvey had them shipped over here and they mostly ALL stayed because the easy pickings that they saw in the city. With then came the more brazen drug-fueled crimes that you see now.

I can tell you that there is a new breed of brazen criminality gripping the city. These kinds of criminals are brazen. Take for instance recently when someone shot at NorthStar Mall (Traditionally one of the better malls in the city (not anymore)

Or the guy who killed his 8 month old kid who had his mother and family try to cover for him.

That’s one thing about San Antonio it’s such a small minded city that it seems like everyone grew up here and no matter what has a cousin, uncle, brother, sister or someone they can run to when they get in trouble. And there lies the problem. These people don’t have to grow up. They are living at home with parents well into their 30’s and have no job or any desire to get one since they live off welfare system after popping out several kids. So if you are a normal human you will not fit in in San Antonio

I would say that San Antonio is like Mexico (mentality-wise) the only difference is you have running water, electricity, large grocery stores with air condition and malls and a welfare system that allows the lazy people to have free medical, food and housing. (In Mexico you don’t have that, that’s why they are so eager to get over here. It’s not to work for a better life, it’s to have a better life on the backs of working people)

Then you have a strange situation where some people apologized to someone before they shot them.

Then there is a shooting that happened at a night club Essensce just today earlier in morning.

Or a mother of 2 kills her 2 kids and then herself just today

Or an 82 year old woman struck by stray bullet during a shootout

Or A Man driving himself to hospital after getting shot in the face

All of the above happened within the span of a couple days. This is not including the countless drunk driving/wrong way driving accidents on Loop 410 and I-10 that rarely even get reported because they are so common the news doesn’t even care anymore.

If I were to get into the rest of the crap that goes on in this city it would fill up the whole website. If you are thinking of moving here, trust me when I tell you to think again. Its not a good city for family or people who are career oriented or just decent people. Its become a breeding ground for criminals.


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