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Life Stage: Young Couple
Occupation: Healthcare - Other
Enjoys: arts, gardening, sunshine beaches, walks on small town sidewalks, politics, wellbeing


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Maine, ME

Response to Don't stay too long - 8/10/2010
As a Mainer most of my life I'm 54, I have to agree and am taken by the accuracy of your observations of Portland,Maine. Yes, it has a beautiful harbor, and area coastline. But the natives aren't friendly, and even for us residents its hard to get to know your neighbor. Most people up here say "hi" then keep to themselves. Its the Maine way, independent. I moved two hours up the coast a few years back and even I was considered an "outsider." My accent didn't even help, nor that I was a third generation Mainer. As far as the diversity of color in Portland, you saw the newly arrived Somalian population.
Their presence has altered the streetscape of Portland dramatically. After many issues since their transplanted move from Georgia, I've come to the belief that too much diversity in a small city isn't successful, a balance needs to be made. With so many cultures now in this city of about 70,000 much gets lost in the translation. A larger city can handle the numbers. A local elementary school has 100 different dialects to address. The jobs are primarily seasonal low paying ones. Lots of waterfront Old Port waitress and kitchen help. Or retail work. None of it really pays the bills. Maine is a heavy tax state, and they are always looking for ways to add even more taxes. Now they want to tax our soda, and junk purchases. They have instituted a salt water fishing license, this use to be free and they are chasing every dog owner who hasn't registered their mutt. My vet warned of this at the recent visit for a rabies shot. The state now requires their office to submit names of owners so local enforcement will knock on your door with a sizable fine. he said "I'm not joking, clients have called me
sharing this." So remember there is a reason Maine is called, "Vacationland" thats the way they want it and of course the wealthy retiree's with deep pockets so they can continue to discourage any business
that would offer tax revenue from setting up shop here.

Mount Pleasant, SC

re: Nosey Parkers - 11/10/2007
- 8/10/2010
you have a paranoid mindset. to ask someone where they live is usually considered an ice breaker of conversation. Reconsider that everyone isn't out to categorize you by inquiring, Given the response you gave you'd probably have given a double negative if no one bothered to ask....lighten up...

Mount Pleasant, SC

re: Nosey Parkers - 11/10/2007
- 7/28/2010
think you may be generalizing.. everyplace has a % of inquisitive types,or perhaps they were just trying to open up a conversation and get to know you...

Maine, ME

Considering.... - 7/28/2010
Maine is a pleasant enough state although I've grown tired of the long winters
after so many years. Its summer now and am loving the 90 degree heat& humidity.
It makes me aware of just how much of the year I "put up" with the less desirable season of snow, cold, and ice. Taxes are a big deal in this state as it discourages any form of small business growth therefore relying on its citizens and tourists to support the big government this state has become. The state slogan "the way life should be" really applies to the wealthy visitors or transplant out of state retiree's and not the average resident who can barely afford to live here. Simply put our cost of living is very high. Portland is a great city,not too big or small with a variety of venues to satisfy most tastes, from restaurants, arts, beautiful ocean views. Crime is growing as we have become a suburb of Boston. Much ethnic diversity is ever present in the area as well with as many as 100 different languages spoken at a local elementary Portland school. Real estate prices have tanked as most of the country's with waterfront still commanding a high $$$. Our proximity to New Hampshire and the White Mountains for hiking are a plus as well as their beaches and zero sales tax for shoppers.

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