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I am married. I have a college degree. My husband and I both work. I am not hard to please but I like to live comfortably. I am for fairness. I do not expect anyone to do me favors. But I do wanted to be treated fairly.


Life Stage: Young Couple
Occupation: Healthcare - Other


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Newport News, VA

Do your homework before moving because you may be - 10/2/2011
I relocated here from Ohio 3 years ago. I was the one who did not do my homework before relocating. I find that housing here is very expensive. To buy a townhouse will cost you over $200,000. Renting is high also. To live in a decent place will cost you over $1000. The jobs do not pay here. The salary does not match the cost of living here even if you have a college degree. I assumed that the higher the cost of living the more the salary will be. Well, I assumed wrong. You have to pay taxes on everything. It is best to eat at home because if you go out to eat you will have to pay 11.5% tax on prepared food. Traffic here is ridiculous. There is traffic accidents every day. To be able to make it here is to have a college degree. Even with a college degree, make sure you do your homework because the job you want may not be here. Also, you have to pay taxes every 6 months on your automobile, even if your leasing it. This state gives very minimally to the poor. If you are poor and you are making it where you are, please stay there. My mom is on a fixed income and she is struggling. I have to finacially help her all the time. The people here may seem to be rude and don't speak. I finally realized that the people here stays to themselves. They seem to be private but once you get to know them, they are nice. If you are a christian, there is churches everywhere of all denominations. The positive thing about Newport News is there is plenty of water if you like water activities. The weather in the winter is mild compared to Ohio. It may snow heavy once or twice. The lowest temp since i've lived here is 20 degrees in the winter. The summer weather is very very very hot. My best seasons are fall and spring. Don't let me forget about the juicy cockroaches here. They seem to be everywhere. You will see them at night when its warm. I don't see them in the winter months. I have a friend in Williamsburg who doesn't have these roaches. I have a friend in a section called Kiln Creek who has them. These areas are nice areas. So I dont have any advice on where to avoid them. They fly on my mom's balcony and she lives near city center in the oyster point area. As far as buying a house or townhouse here, I'm not planning it. I don't think this is where I want to retire. The price you pay here, you can live like a king or queen some where else. In other words, you don't get much bang for your buck here.

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