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Arkansas, AR

Depends on where you live - 4/4/2017
I live in a small town at the very edge of Little Rock and I love where I live. Having said that, there are places in Arkansas (especially in LR) that I would not live, even if the rent was free. My small community is a truly ideal small town. My only complaint is the heat and humidity, which can be unbearable in the summer. A person can walk from their office to their car in the parking lot and need a change of clothes. It is REALLY unbearable, at sometimes 105+ and very high humidity. Winters are not horrible, with probably an average of 3 days per year of snow in central Arkansas.

BUT - there are some beautiful places for scenery, especially in the fall when the leaves are changing. We have really beautiful natural springs and lakes, as well as some really nice man-made lakes. If you enjoy hiking, mountain climbing, lake activities, etc., you will really enjoy it here. Unless heat bothers you. Then you might just want to vacation here in spring and fall.

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