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De Pere, WI

This town - 4/15/2013
This is a town I love. This is a town that is built for cycalist(weather permitting) The roundabouts can be confusing at times, but the dinning experance in DePere is second to none with my favorite Hot Dog and BBQ stop Pasquale's International Cafe. You are right in between green bay and Appleton so shopping is convenante

Green Bay, WI

re: As a member of one of those "Green Bay familie
- 4/15/2013
I won't exaderate like many of the comments below. This is personal observation. I grew up 4 blocked from the Stadium. Everytime the Packers scored a touchdown or 1st down, you knew without even watching the game. You will get the smell of the papermills now and again but that is dealable. Summers are nice and warm, and the winters cold and somtimes brutal. Recreation is everywhere. Biking, dinning, museums, boating, zoos, fishing, and shopping. The people are more than friendly and very helpful. Even the gas station tendant knows right where such and such street is. Crime is also on the low side. I moved out of town but I never see anything. The police doo a good job partoling. As far is stances with other people go the only true arguments I ever have is when we discuss politics, oh boy never get a Wisconsinite fired up about politics. All in all it's a community with alot of pride in it's community. They strive to make the town better.

Eagle River, WI

Eagle River - 4/15/2013
This an outdoors town. When it comes to outdoor recreation this is "the" Northwoods hotspot. It's touristy so during the winter and summer the population swells quite bit. Cost of living can get a bit expensive for us locals, and winters and summers a bit harsh but it is quite, a great community, and nice neighbores.

If you are a cycalist, a snowmobiler, or sportsman this is a haven for you. Outdoor activities are limitless.

Iola village, WI

Iola the t - 4/15/2013
If you have never had a Norwegian as your neighbore and I highly sugest you move next to one! Iola is a sterotypical Wisconsin small farming community that has deep roots. Generations of families that have lived here there their entire lives. It is close knit, friendly, and quiet.

As for recreation the Winter Festival and Farmer's Market are very nice and if you are venturesome go to the high school and try the lutefisk dinner every Febuary! The two other big events are the Old Car Show and Military Show held in July(Car Show)and August(Military Show). Well worth to go check out.

Seymour, WI

To Discribe the town - 4/15/2013
This is the sterotypical Wisconsin town. Farming, diary, and High School Sports. It is a tight knit community with not much to do, other than the Outagamie County fair which is a huge venue and pulls in great talent and well worth checking out. It is a town right in between several larger cities like Green Bay, Appleton, and De Pere and takes you about 15 minuites to drive to anyone of them. In terms of crime the high schoolers and middle schoolers are the biggest mischief makers, nothing too serious just kids being kids. So if you are looking for a small country town that is near a big city then this is for you.

Rhinelander, WI

Rhinelander - 4/15/2013
After the Army I moved back to Wisconsin and completed my degree in Forestry and criminal Justice I moved to Rhinelander as a Park Ranger. It is a touristy type of town. The only time we see an influx of population is any holiday, like 4th of July, Labor Day, and the Opening of Fishing and Hunting Season. So if you are a fan of the great outdoors and the Northwoods then this is a town for you. Also it is a very friendly community. Winters can get a bit harsh around here and dip below freezing for weeks on end and and we have snow on the ground sometime till mid May, but the summers are wonderful. 80's to 90's all day. Just remember your sunscreen and also bring plenty of DEET or the mosquietos will carry you away.

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