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Edgewood, NM | 4 Review(s)

Born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Have lived in the USA half my life about 20 years.


Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Other
Enjoys: reading/writing


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Newaygo, MI

A place to visit - 11/30/2008
Newaygo is a good place for recreation and summer fun; river trips, lake adventures, fourth of July with festivities on many of the lakes and beaches, camping, and more. This is a place to leave as soon as fall passes. I would not recommend living here. It is small town life but with an edge of constant welfare bordering White Cloud and Fremont and other small towns that struggle to keep up with the rest of the world economically and academically - drugs and alcoholism quite common. People who do not have strong family ties here generally get out as soon as they can.

Grand Rapids, MI

re: Grand Rapids - 2/19/2008
- 11/30/2008
I would definitely not consider MI a midwestern state. I believe the midwest begins with the Mississippi going west. I lived in MI for man years and I am not so sure I agree with your statement that it doesn't like outsiders. Many immigrants have moved there successfully and with much acceptance, me included. I think there is great diversity depending on where you live in GR. The downtown area may seem segregated, and the economy all over MI is fairly poor compared to other states except WY, but the winters compared to MN or IA, or even northern NM high deserts are pretty mild actually. The east end of GR can be quite elaborate, and the north end sort of homey - it all depends on where you live in GR. Did you go to school there? or live there at any time, if so for how long and what part?

Solon, IA

Community - 11/30/2008
This is a really nice town. It has everything a small town should have including a local brewery run by Jeff and Sal, and wonderful methodist church with a fantastic pastor who plays a mean guitar. People are genuinely friendly, schools and community are involved, and last time I lived there you could still ride your horse in to town - although farmers locally frown on crossing their land. It is a town of talk but not afraid to welcome new-comers full of curiousity. They won't attempt to change you if you don't attempt to change them. Close to shopping and fishing it may take you by surprise when the winds hit in mid February but beautiful and you will feel like staying when you go. If you like small town life - real small town life, this is a great place to be. You'll never forget being there.

Edgewood, NM

Indignant - 11/30/2008
If there was one word to describe Edgewood, NM it would be the word "indignant". It is friendly and welcoming on the surface; churches, schools, community. But if you try to go any deeper than the surface it is a close-knit club of special etiquettes and independents that are not all that keen on outsiders unless you meet some sort of unspoken code. Everyone would just as well like to keep to themselves, or their 'group', and have their privacy than to get involved with new-comers; but if you do like your privacy and attempt to claim it then there is little respect for that as well. If you are looking for 'real' people this is not the place to be or to feel at home. Although there is a claim that this is a community for kids there is little recreation or support for that, and even local businesses like the newspaper frown on you having kids if you intend to acquire employment for fear that it will interfere with your work. I would say that people who don't see this either haven't lived here for very long or are fairly superficial and indignant.

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