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Rochester, MN

Rochester, Mayo or bust
- 1/26/2020
There are tons of jobs here. They may not pay great but I've always been able to find a job quickly. Also, there is very little crime here. If you've never lived anywhere else you may have a narrow view. A lot of the locals think Rochester has grown too fast and think people are crazy for living in town, especially in the SE area because there are a lot of other races that live there, God forbid! What they consider the "bad side" of the little city is so mild in comparison to larger cities it's laughable. There are a lot of nice people here, and a lot of them may not be white. I've met some super nice Somali's, blacks, Asians and Mexicans. This is America.

Rochester, MN

Too cold for too long - 1/26/2020
I moved here over 20 years ago from California and I was in shock for the first couple of years that people actually lived in such a cold climate! Winter starts around October and ends around May. It's just ridiculous. On the upside, it's been a good safe place to raise my sons and affordable. That's all changing now that Mayo has decided to become a destination medical center. A studio rents for about 900.00 a month now. There's not a lot to do here either, not that I leave my house in the Winter unless I have to. I'm about ready to retire now and am thinking of moving somewhere warmer where I can actually enjoy life instead of being stuck inside watching tv for 6 months out of the year. I've lived a lot of places and one thing I will say is there are plenty of jobs here. The problem now is you'll need 2 or 3 of them just to afford rent. I still work part-time and most of the people I work with have a ful-time job and a part-time job or work overtime to make ends meet. Even then it's hard if anything out of the ordinary coms up. Property taxes jump up around 100.00 every year. I pay about 140.00 a month just in property taxes now and I'm on the low end. If you ask me, if people are going to live where it's so freezing cold most of the year they should at least be given a break on rent and taxes. It's sad that Florida and Arizona are so much cheaper and warmer too! This will most likely be my last Winter in Minnesota. I'm too old for this kind of cold.

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