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Casper, WY

Bad Weather - 11/27/2018
This review will be a bit opinionated.

The main thing for me is the weather. I hate it. I like cloudy, rainy, foggy, snowy, colder weather, so keep that in mind.

Casper is too sunny. This is what I mean: we'll get a cloudy, snowy day. The next day will be sunny and you basically go blind if you look down because the snow reflects the sunlight.

We really don't get enough rain. Barely any rain.

Being out on the prarie, the wind is INSANE. It sucks. On a nice cool day, the wind starts blowing and it's miserable.

The summers are HOT. Not compared to like Pheonix, but many days are in the 90s and clear and sunny.

There's like no trees outside of town, which sucks (besides Casper Mountain, more on that later).

There's also a bit of a meth problem...

On the bright side, there are usually nice summer outdoor activites.

There are also lots of movie theaters

Casper mountain is partially forested and is usually about 10-15 degrees cooler than in town.

Also, I won't judge political views but just so you know, this town is very conservative.

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