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Los Angeles, CA

A Little Good Mixed in with a Whole Lotta Terrible - 3/27/2019
Okay, so I'm going to start out by saying there was a time when I absolutely loved LA. That's not the case anymore. I'd also like to preface my list of pros and cons by noting that I'm 23, a female, and from a larger town in the Midwest just in case this information is relevant to anybody.

Pros (this list is shorter):
LA is full of culture, amazing restaurants, cool nightlife, and of course beaches. For girls, it's very easy to get into clubs with promoters where you can drink for free all night, but even if you go to a more laid-back bar, you have to actively try to not get free drinks from guys. For a while, I really loved it here. I had been out here many times before making the official move, and it felt like a dream, even though there were tons of negatives I had to look past daily. The climate is usually great, there is great food here, and you can find something fun to do literally any time, day or night. There are also a lot of beautiful places here that include beautiful shopping centers, some of the most amazing homes you've ever seen, and gorgeous scenery including hills, mountains, palm trees, beaches, etc. But when you get down to it, it's all a facade to make you think you love it here.

From everything I've heard from locals and family who spent time out here in the past, LA actually was once a beautiful city full of opportunity, but they all seem to agree that it has greatly degenerated over the past 30 years especially.

For starters, the homelessness is insane. Seriously. LA has absolutely the worst homelessness crisis I've seen in the U.S. by far. And what's worse is that most of the bums love being bums. They are able to do their drugs in mostly beautiful weather and make do on the money that mostly tourists give them. If you think I'm exaggerating about how big of a problem it is, just take a visit to DTLA...or Venice...or Santa Monica...or Hollywood...or literally anywhere. At one point, there was a man living outside of my apartment on an old couch. He eventually was gone but the couch was still there. The cushions were lifted up one day and there were PILES of needles. Meanwhile, people continue walking next to it with their dogs and children. (And I swear this is not an uncommon occurrence. It's everywhere even the "nice" areas.)

In consistence with the homelessness, LA is dirty. And I don't mean NYC dirty, I mean fucking disgusting. You usually can't walk outside without smelling shit or pee and you have to hope to God it's not from a human. The roads also suck, there's an abundance of run down buildings, and trash lines many streets.

Next, you guessed it, LA is ridiculously expensive (10th most expensive city to be exact). To get a decent studio apartment in an area where you won't get robbed, raped, or killed, you could easily pay $2,000 or more, and you usually have to prove that you make 3-5 times the amount of rent/month. Easy to say I wouldn't have been able to move out here without the help of my parents both for co-signing purposes and for financial help. Just to go out for a dinner that isn't from a chain restaurant, you'll spend $50+ easily, which can be fine time-to-time, but it adds up. But the expenses might not be so terrible if wages weren't so disproportionately low and taxes weren't so crazy high.

Traffic. Here's a short description. Yes, it's as bad as you've heard, so be prepared to have 90 minutes of podcasts ready twice a day if you have to take the 405.

The people are also nothing to write home about, that is unless you're venting about how terrible they are. Now, don't get me wrong, there are some nice people as much of the city is comprised of transplants, many of whom are from the Midwest. But the vast majority will try to suck out anything and everything they can get from you, and once they've gotten what they want, they toss you aside. The men in most areas are also like this. They're rude and act as if you owe them something, and they think the way to your heart is taking you to bottle service at a club. Oh, and they get really offended if that doesn't excite you. But let's be real, the girls are no better. Most will use you just the same way, and the fakeness you've heard about LA girls having is true. They don't care if the guy they think will give them validation or expensive gifts has a girlfriend, a wife, kids, a family, they'll go over him no matter what, and the men aren't that hard to convince.

A smaller thing you may also want to keep in mind is that, while LA weather is typically good, it can get very cold in the winter and spring months, and there can be quite a bit of rain for some weeks at a time.

Another thing you may be able to look over is the overwhelming amount of illegals living here. About 50% of LA is Hispanic, but those are only the legals. Many times, you feel like you're living in Northern Mexico, and I'm not talking about Cabo.

So what I'm saying is that most of LA sucks, and there's a reason why depression rates here are through the roof and people are fleeing by the thousands. For a very small, very rich percentage, LA may be a great place to live, but for the masses it's God awful. If you want the fun LA lifestyle, I strongly urge you to go somewhere else. Austin, Phoenix, even Chicago. Just don't come here unless you absolutely have to. You will regret it. You've been warned.

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