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Liberal. Feminist. PETA. Hippie. Basic white girl.


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Boise, ID

re: Outdated
- 9/6/2017
Lauren J, agree to disagree. Rents along with food are rising & the wages are staying low. Calling the cops on homeless individuals are not "kind" people. I've seen numerous people there being rude, condensing, judgmental assholes. The LDS scums have ran Idaho into the ground. Idaho will be a long, forgotten ghost town in a few year.

Oh, & FYI nobody in California even knows what Idaho is. LOL.

Stockton, CA

I like it - 9/3/2017
Honestly, I like Stockton. Majority of people I've run into have been super sweet. I dropped some money in a store & the woman behind me let me know I dropped it. Nice selection of stores. Unemployment's high but the colleges seem nice. Everybody has a dog here & those dogs are like their kids, I love it. Another bonus is you're 60 miles from The Bay, like you're literately close to the mountains, city & beach.

Boise, ID

re: Outdated
- 9/3/2017
Kimberly: I lived there for almost 6 years, left in August of this year. Yes, I am a woman. They don't have medical pot; I really don't think they'll ever legalize. I will say Boise is easy to get around & that's nice, but for me at least something feels "off" there. Minimum wage is $7.25 & Idaho is a right to work state; they don't back their workers. I did have a really good doctor in Boise, but the rest of the medical there is lacking, especially if you're a woman. Women (especially WOC) are basically the bottom of the pole there. We are not respected in any sense; I personally felt that women are seen as house wife incubators there. Crime is relatively low, but it's still there. For people in their 20's there's pretty much two groups of people: the ones getting married & having babies or they're addicted to various drugs. Idaho didn't expand Medicaid & I highly doubt they ever will. There's not a lot of help for low income or homeless individuals; people there look down on people whom are down on their luck. Weather in Boise is pretty mild, but winters get super cold, but I get cold easy, soooo. Idaho is pretty conservative; there's a few liberals but not a lot. My personal experience, what I've seen with my own eyes, are people there thrive off of being better than someone & trying to get someone else in trouble. I saw a homeless family in a store parking lot trying to charge up their phones. They constantly were going out & giving their dogs water every 5-10 minutes. The customers there called the police & animal control on them. Idaho isn't really a place to be if you value your privacy.

Boise, ID

re: Like stepping back in time.
- 8/27/2017
I agree with you Eber. Boise has not kept up with the times, it's like being in the 1950's. For being such a Mormon state the guys are very vicious towards women, but the women there allow it. Poor things.

Boise, ID

Outdated - 8/27/2017
The problem with Boise is it has too much of that "small" town vibe going; people will exclude you, snitch, & create drama. Too many Mormons & since it's a right to work state the wages suck & management treats you poorly. Their super conservative "values" are setting them up for failure; nobody wants to live in a place that's similar to Mississippi in the 40's. Rape/sexual assault crimes are high & the cops do nothing about you; drugs, especially a plant, is a bigger deal than a rapist. Idaho never did expand Medicaid, If you need help (Housing, food, etc) basically you better be pregnant or you're screwed. The men are very sexist & the women are so feeble minded that they tear other women apart & act as though they may die if they don't have a "man." No gun control because really, who needs safety?
California will ALWAYS beat out this backwoods, hillbilly place.

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