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Steamboat Springs, CO

Great Place, BUTT. - 12/13/2010
Hey, I lived in Steamboat breifly nice town. My brother lived there 15 years. The outdoors are awesome in that area. Hunting, skiing, kayaking, fishing, etc.. The town is one of the nicest in Coloaro. That being said there are alot things that are'nt so great. One being the rich trust funder type of people that have moved in and pushed their views on others. The City slicker's that move their and think everyone is friendly. I guess perception is 9/10's of a person's view. To me they're pretty pretentious especially the people that move there with money. The price of homes their are way over priced. The economy does not overcome the cost of living which is very high. Most people that live their are city slickers that like to do city slicker sports, skiing, kayaking, rock climbing. Real sportsman hunt, don't fly fish (fad), and own guns. The ranchers are cool, but others are not. That is the original ranchers, not the rich city slickers that bot a ranch and hired someone else to run it. If you can put up with the yuppy's and high price of everything you'll probably like it. Oh yeah the divorce rate in Steamboat is sky high!

Colorado Springs, CO

re: Great town, changing for the good - 10/9/2010
- 12/9/2010
Colorado Springs is not that great. Most of Colorado is overpriced thanks to Californiacators and Texans. Being a conservative is good thing it means you love people, and support personal freedom. If it's not to expensive it run down and scuzzy, that's the problem with Colorado. The jobs don't support the cost of living. Colorado springs is one of the worst places for a true outdooorsman. It's over run with yuppys. Any time you want to go some where cool cuz colorado springs is not. You have fight slow traffic. The farther you get away from the front range the better Colorado get's for outdoor activity's. The problem is that the truly nice towns, you need to be a millionaire to live in otherwise you'll just be strapped with debt to live there.

Colorado Springs, CO

re: Are you moving here? - 11/30/2008
- 12/9/2010
Colorado Springs is great place if you like small cities. The traffic can be congested, but the biggest problem is people from areas that don't know how to drive when the streets get wet. I like the fact that people are conservative, but I get the feeling that they only feel that way because it's a meal ticket (military town). The houses are mostly tract homes that are'nt built very well (poor quality). There are'nt alot of good paying jobs since the tech. companys have been leaving. The price of homes are over priced unless you live in the southeastern part of town. The only problem with that is the homes are'nt very nice and it is very deserty in that part of the metro area. It is a melting pot of people from all over the world (military). I like to hunt and fish and the elk and deer numbers are low as compared to the rest of the state. Trophy hunting is pretty good you just may have to hunt 3 or more years to get a crack a booner. If you like being a true outdoorsman and not a yuppy skier or rock climber or kayaker, this is not that great of place. I've scoured the hills trust me I live in the mountains near pikes peak. The traffic gets worse every year, alot of big city dwellers moving here, and most of them think it's great. I guess perspective 9/10ths of anything! To me it's not that great, unless you like to stare at mountains otherwise it's over run with people.

Durango, CO

re: Durango - Pros/Cons - 4/7/2008
- 12/9/2010
Hey, Brad Durango is a very nice beautiful area. The problem is you have to be wealthy to live their. That's the problem with most of Colorado thanks to wealthy Californians and Texans. If you make $100,000.00 a year it really is'nt enough to keep up with the jones there. It's great I agree, but not realistic for most people. It's unlikely You could move there and start a business that would last and make enough money to make a good living.

Steamboat Springs, CO

re: Steamboat is paradise... - 5/2/2010
- 12/9/2010
Steamboat is the nicest town in Colorado. The mountains are not the nicest mountains in the state, but the town is great. The only thing I don't like about is the cost of living. The Californicators have ruined this place making it to expensive for most people. I really don't like people from California, and so many of the people that live there now are Californians this is a deffinate downer. Being from the midwest where people are even nicer I don't think Steamboat is super nice, but not super unfriendly. Most of the people that live there are people from big city's all of over america. The area was way better before all these people came.

Woodland Park, CO

re: weather - 8/19/2006
- 12/9/2010
Woodland Park is often droubt prone because it is east of the Continental divide. When it is not in droubt it is nice and green, I've lived here since 2000 and seen it both ways. The weather can be very nice, and it can be very bad.

Canon City, CO

re: Canon City - Pros/Cons - 4/5/2008
- 12/9/2010
I agree Clint, and I would say it's even worse then that. I lived there 3 1/2 years and could'nt wait to get the heck out. I don't think the outdoor activity was that great unless you like to kayak or rock climb. The hunting is absolutely horrible compared to the western slope of Colorado. The people are also pretty ignorant as a rule of thumb. The police are not much different from Nazi germany either. For a young man that never did anything wrong they treated me horribly. The place is just to hot in the summer and a desert waistland for me. Unfortunately one my sisters still lives there, that's to bad for her. If you want a similar climate without all the negatives check out Grand Junction it's way nicer.

Canon City, CO

Canon city - 12/9/2010
I lived there three and a half years. I'll admit most people that you meet their are nice folks However. It is very low income, and teenagers act very much like inner city punks. The police department has authority that it should'nt. Nearly everyone that lives there works for the 13 prisons that are there. Frankly I don't know who's worse the people that work for the prison or the family members of the inmates. The north side of town has high radiation do to a old uranium processing plant just north of town. It's really hot in the summer almost as hot as the arizona desert. There are no good paying jobs. The town is deffinately corrupt, and alot of the people there are quite ignorant (not all). The fishing is not good in around the area. The landscape is the most lifeless barren area in the Colorado Rockies, very low elk numbers. As with most of Colorado you have to put up with California transplants. In Canon City those California transplants are the poor one's that can't afford anywhere else. I consider Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Canon city to be the worst Colorado has to offer hands down. The only upside to Canon City is the Arizona like weather. I've lived all over Colorado, and I know what I'm talking about.

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