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Mountain Home, AR

Yeah, but - 10/24/2018
First of all, let me head off some of the arguments that usually accompany critical reviews: the people who live here are for the most part, warm, welcoming, friendly and nice. The housing is, indeed, affordable and, yes, there is a small-town feel here and it is easy to get around town. Yes, there are plenty of things to do here if you hunt, fish or boat. Yes, there are a lot of churches and healthcare is, I believe, above average for a town of this size. Yes, this is a decent town to raise a family in and there is little-to-no violent crime. Yes, the air is clean and the the stars at night are bright (certainly not as big and bright as those deep in the heart of Texas). Lol I have lived in Mountain Home for over 4 1/2 years; before that I lived in The Woodlands, TX; Houston, TX; Billings, MT; Nacogdoches, TX; Denver, CO andGrand Junction, CO. Mountain Home has some nice things to offer some as I noted, BUT it also has many negatives. If you want diversity, keep looking. If you want culture or entertainment, keep on looking. If you like shopping, live music or smoke-free dining, you are largely out of luck. MH is small, but it lacks beauty, cleanliness or charm. Only move here if you have a job lined up. Employment opportunities are slim, particularly full-time. The big employers here are the hospital and support industries, Walmart and Baxter Laboratories. Only move here if cultural opportunities and shopping are unimportant to you. High culture here is seeing a movie and going to Walmart to see what is new. If you want something to eat in the off hours there is only fadt-food drive through and after a certain point at night, just McCrap drive through. Dining that would only be adequate or “Meh” in a larger market receives high praise here. So, lower your expectations and then lower them some more. If you want a new car, your options are limited. If you want a used car, lots are everywhere. If you want a used car with low mileage, be prepared to travel for hours to find it. “Low mileage” in Mountain Home means 150,000-200,00+ miles. Why so many miles? As far as I can tell, it is because if you want culture, something to do or a job, you have to drive two or more hours each way. There is simply nothing to do here, but hunting, fishing or boating. Yes, that is a lot for some, but for those who crave theater, ballet, opera, symphony, live music, museums and galleries, you will die an agonizing death here. There is the occasional play put on, the occasional concert or event, but they are too few and far between. If you can’t get what you want here in MM, be prepared to drive for it or hit the internet. Mountain Home is a grubby little town with neither heart nor soul. There are, apparently, no zoning laws nor deed restrictions here so if someone parks their grotesquely large RV or an 18 wheeler on their front lawn, enjoy the view. Roosters crowing all the time next door? Enjoy. Evidently there are no laws regulating how many people may live in a single-family dwelling either. One house nearby routinely has 9-12 vehicles parked on the front lawn—not counting the trailers or tractors associated with said vehicles. There is litter everywhere and little community pride. Some will disagree, but if they would get out of their cars (and when I say “car”, I really mean truck, Jeep or suv) and open their eyes, they would see the litter and decay. In fact, I suspect that to live here legally you have to have either three tatoos, three trucks or, in a pinch, you can get by if you have at least one truck, one suv and at least one neck tattoo, but you *must* have a minimum of three tats. Lol This is a red neck town and it is neither attractive nor charming. If you want shopping alternatives to Walmart, you will be sorely disappointed. If you want charm and beauty, keep looking. What passes for beauty here are concrete slabs of failed businesses, nail and hair salons, vap shops, pawn shops and tattoo businesses. The parks here are not bad, but there is nothing like beautification projects in place. The police here are friendly and visible. The crime is low EXCEPT for drug-related crime and property crimes related to drugs, but if want more than certain outdoor activities, you will have to travel or do without and, boy does that driving get old...fast. Lol So, expect less—far less—and life here can be bearable, but if you do not aim low...

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