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Dallas, TX

Strong white supremacy culture. Adverse to black a - 12/17/2019

Remember the news reports showing the rich white college students from Dallas, TX gleefully singing about hanging blacks in trees and the multiple racist incidents on college campuses in Dallas. That's not even the half of it.

You have these people as managers and supervisors running the corporations in Dallas. And they act the same. Woe to any black employee that finds themselves with a coworker or manager like this. They are powerless.

That is IF they can even get hired.

Dallas has a strong white supremacy culture. It's very strong. Third Reich strong.

I've lived in other cities and they all dealt with some racism. But its uniquely different in Dallas. Its stronger and more embedded in Dallas.


Low wages.


Most minorities, especially blacks, dont get competitive pay. Whites get it. Some hispanics get it. Most blacks in the business world dont.

Expensive and rising cost of living.

Bland scenery.
Blacks are poorer. Far more marginalized than other groups.
No job security.
Many corporations with incredibly high turnover.
Lack of jobs that offer traditional health insurance. Most offer discount plans.
Over corporate. People lack substance.

I submitted my resume to positions outside of Dallas (outside of Texas even) and the response has been incredible. The pay even moreso. The positions all start off at two to three times the wage I've earned in Dallas.

Dallas, TX

Dallas is not what people make it out to - 12/17/2019
People always being up as a justification for the terribly low wages in Texas the low cost of living. Maybe compared to New York Dallas has a low cost of living.

But Dallas does have the fastest rising rents in the nation according to the association of realtors. Its property taxes are amongst the highest in the nation as well.

Dallas is being carved and bought up by investors. It's not cheap to live within the City. Not cheap at all unless you're in south dallas or oakcliff with bullets whizzing by your head.

Dallas, TX

Dallas is not what people make it out to - 12/17/2019
Your comment is spot on.

To the person who claimed to start off making $50K in a Jewish Car Wash.. (why the need to point out it was Jewish) I just dont believe you are you arent being entirely truthful. The car washes around Dallas use staffing agencies and they start their folks off at under $10.00 an hr. The actual clerks who work on the inside may make $11 or $12. So I'm curious. What were you doing? To suddenly get hired at a "Jewish Car Wash" to start at $50K a year?

To the person claiming there are so many fast food jobs in Dallas starting at $13.. which ones were they? I only know of one that may pay that much. The rest don't even start their managers out with $13.00.

To the person who claims that most companies give diversity candidates an unfair advantage.. not sure how you can claim that when many highly qualified diversity candidates end up leaving Dallas to find work or higher paying work. Dallas does not have a large number of high ranking, highly paid African americans in business. It just doesnt. Most complaints from minorities who move to Dallas point out that they find a lack of representation of blacks in the corporate offices in Dallas.

Dallas is racist. And cheap.

The major businesses have partnered with hisoanic staffing agencies to forego most qualifications to hire the cheapest person for the job. And the turnover rate I've experienced working for dallas companies has been sky high.

Dallas, TX

Hell on earth
- 12/17/2019
I'm an educated minority. I first moved to Dallas several years ago. I've never been able to find a really good paying job. I was shocked when I first moved to Dallas at the wages. They just seemed rock bottom to me. Memphis, TN pays more for comparable jobs and Memphis has an even cheaper cost of living than Dallas.

There are also racial overtones to finding a good job in Dallas. A lot of the the companies that pay well have zero to maybe one or two blacks working in them unless they are manufacturing like GM. The positions that require analytical work they tend to not open them to black minorities.

I was thinking of moving to Atlanta and I sent my resume to many firms there and the interest they have shown has been overwhelmingly positive but the pay they has been the most surprising part. It's two to three times what I've been earning in Dallas.

I've struggled since living in Dallas. I've also had many friends who have moved to Dallas who saw what the positions were offering as pay and they quickly left Dallas and found higher paying jobs in other cities.

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