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San Antonio, TX

San Antonio Is Growing For a Reason! - 2/17/2019
I have lived in San Antonio for almost 15 years. I'm in the very fast growing northeast side of town. My experience here has been overwhelmingly positive. People here are genuinely nice, helpful, and polite. There is a sincere pride in living here, in Texas, and in the United States. Is crime a problem? No more so than in other large cities. Our middle class neighborhood has been targeted for theft repeatedly over the years, that is true and unfortunate. But we have a great community that watches out for each other.
The heat can be unbearable. When it's still in the mid-to-upper 90's in October, it can wear you down. But I still prefer to be too hot than too cold!
I think many of the other reviews were written by people with a specific grudge. Talk to other people in your demographic to get a real feel for it here.

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