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I have lived all over the U.S.


Life Stage: Family with Children


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New Orleans, LA

Awww - 10/23/2009
I have never lived in New Orleans but have visited before and absolutely loved it. It saddens me to see the horrible things said about such a beautiful and unique city. Personally, I plan on buying a home there some day. I would hope that its residents would come together as a community and put thier hearts and minds together to achieve thier vision for the city. I know it can be done.

Salem, OR

No Thank You - 10/23/2009
I was born and raised in this city. When I graduated I high tailed it out of the entire state. Oregon is a beautiful state. Salem in my opinion is the armpit of Oregon. Things to know about Salem, Oregon:

- Bad Investment: The real estate actually DEPRECIATES!
- Scary People: There are half way houses which facilitate unusually scroungy looking people who walk down the streets talking to themselves (something I have only witnessed in Salem).
- High Crime: The crime is horrible!
- Weather: It rains ALOT
- Jobs: There are none! Plan on commuting 45 minutes to Portland just to work a part time job at Starbucks.
- In my opinion this town is NOT for people with families, or anyone for that matter.

Honestly, I feel badly for anyone who is still left in the depths of the armpit.

San Diego, CA

Beautiful - 10/23/2009
I lived in San Diego for a few years and loved it. It is a beautiful city with plenty to do. That was back when I was single and in my 20's. This is definitly a city for young people. If you have a family and children, the schools are horrible. I had to move out to the midwest to get the educational programs and attention that my children deserved. It is extremely expensive to live here so I suggest you have a well paying position before you make the move. Also, the job market right now is suffering badly and wages have been cut severely. Other than that, a great place to live. Lots to do, great climate, beautiful skyline, culture, and sense of community in most areas.

Webb City, MO

Missouri's Little Secret - 10/23/2009
- Low Rent and Cheap Real Estate
- Extreme Weather (hot in summer, cold in winter)
- High Utilities
- Friendly People & Sense of Community
- Good Curriculum/Programs in Schools
- Slow Pace of Living
- Great for Retirees
- Great Investment Oppurtunities (Downtown & Rental Market)

Murrieta, CA

Not My Favorite Place - 10/23/2009
I have lived all over the United States and would like to make some points on the town I have been living in for the last year:

- High Rent
- Low Utilities
- No Jobs (still unemployed and I have a B.S. Degree)
- Good Schools
- Low Wages
- Extreme Weather (very hot in summer)
- Not Alot To Do
- Far From Major Cities
- Horrible Traffic On Hwys


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