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Colorado Springs, CO

Perfect! - 4/13/2017
I was worried, moving from Los Angeles, that this would be too "small town" for me. If you're from a big city, it does seem small, but it grows on you. The beauty in every direction is unparalelled. The people are so friendly, once you stop dressing like a city-slicker. ;)

Housing is getting very expensive, though, and traffic is frusterating. But I have to say, I couldn't have asked for a better first military assignment. I lived there for three years, and loved it. Tons of outdoor areas and dog parks and hiking trails.

Prattville, AL

Way better than Montgomery, not much to do though - 4/13/2017
This city is a much better bet than Montgomery, but there is definitely not much to do. Most of the restaurants are chains, and there the bars are usually empty. A great place for a young family that likes to do things around the house. The neighbors are nice and the weather is not as bad as people say, but I am looking forward to getting out of here. Everything worth seeing is a couple of hours away. Yes, downtown Montgomery is nice, but small... if you're single and have a good group of friends, DT Montgomery may be really fun, but being married with no kids, it's hard to find things to do that don't require a 2+ hour drive, and there aren't enough outdoor spaces. Many neighborhoods have to put trash on the curb, since cans haven't been assigned (and can't be purchased, optherwise trash won't be picked up). Sometimes, it stinks because of the old mill. Moving closer to the highway gets rid of the smell, mostly, but then the highway is very loud and there are fast food signs towering overhead. Overall, nothing too bad to say, but nothing good either.

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