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Gallatin, TN

Gallatin - 5/6/2015
The town and county are slow to change. It's likely the long time established families here like it that way. There is truly a failure to progress even when opportunity comes knocking. All the folks who come from elsewhere, especially out of State, are not truly welcome. We find friendship mainly with others who have migrated here from "outside". After buying a house here, my home was broken into and robbed. The police/ detectives were very responsive and professionally friendly. I find they try to keep the crime here low key. Like its no big deal. An officer who came to the house in follow up actually made a sarcastic remark, "so you just moved here a few months ago; well, welcome to Gallatin." They did catch the two men, basically poor white trash, and prosecuted them. Well, it's a year later, I have a security system now, because I have to. And a gun, because I have to. Today my cat came home and wasn't acting right. We found he's been shot. Nice. I hail from southwestern PA and northern WV, where people are genuine, and friendly, and good neighbors for the most part. I've lived several places in TN. This town and county is a culture shock. Just be prepared for it if you come here.

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