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I was born in Montreal, Canada; I lived in NJ, IN, WI, England, and FL. Gil was born in Lille, France; he lived in Italy, Guam, Japan, NY, and FL. I have horses, love mountains, rivers, open spaces, gardening, and computers; Ophthalmic Surg Tech for 30+yrs; I have 3 sons (2 in Dallas, 1 in Orlando) and 4 grandchildren. Gil works for Harcourt/Houghton Mifflin 28yrs; he has a very successful trio in which he plays Sax, Ewee, and keyboard; Gil was prof. musician overseas and on Broadway, NY; He has 1 daughter; Gil loves reading, computer, movies, and relaxing. We love our Wheaten Terrier and white Standard Poodle. We enjoy traveling and good healthy food. This photo was taken in Germany. Also, we look forward to winning the lottery!! :)


Life Stage: Empty Nester
Enjoys: Morgans/Arabians; computers; Standard Poodles & Wheatens; travel; learning; music; reading; gardening;
Website(s): www.JodyAndTheTroubleBrothers.com www.ExcelEquestrian.com


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Elizabethton, TN

This is a friendly, safe, comfortable place to be. - 7/6/2008
We stayed at a friend's home several times and can't wait to get back. I was never concerned for my safety, traffic is light, the people are friendly, the weather is wonderful, there is everything we need in Elizabethton. The area is close to several other states and the most beautiful scenery. We wake up to crisp fresh air and enjoy a comfortable warm day during the summer. The cost of food was average but restaurants were cheaper and the food was great. We are looking in this area to eventually retire. We found many suitable homes that were very well priced compared to our home in Orlando. We love it.

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