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Rockford, MI

The bubble - 1/30/2012
I've lived here for 15 years and love it. I have raised three children in the schools here and they are among the best in the state. All the schools are blue ribbon winners. The superintendent is conservative fiscally and has done an awesome job keeping the quality of the school while negotiating almost invisible cuts. The teachers are truly outstanding as well as the Vice Principals of the schools. Rockford is the 3rd best school district in West Michigan. It's safe and you will not find fights among the students in the school or violence. The parents and teachers and staff are on top of stuff like that. It is a very wealthy school and drugs are common but it wasn't my kids' worlds so it didn't affect them. The schools are really good but really large. My daughters graduating class had 610 kids last year but I was ok with it throughout their life because I felt it prepares them for college where they are in large lecture halls. The elementary classes are around 30 students to a teacher and your child will not get lost in the shuffle so I wouldn't worry about it. The community itself is quaint and I'll just say it, haughty. It's rich and all my kids' friends live in mcmansions. The mothers dress like their daughters and look extremely well maintained. There are practically 0 minorities in the city and crime is practically non-existent. Cannonsburg is the country corner and is still Rockford schools but rural and quieter. That's where I live and it's 15 minutes from Rockford. Rockford town is quite a sight. It's got lots of shops, Norman Rockwell'ish, a beautiful centerpoint of a Dam with gorgeous landscaping and a very safe place to stroll and enjoy the parks near the river. I feel very safe to stroll at dark around the main shopping area and I'm a big chicken. If I sound like I was paid to say all this, you are wrong. It really is great here. And I'm a single parent who has not fit in because I am not rich but I live here for my kids's education and the safe, quality of life. Lastly, there is nature everywhere. Especially in Cannonsburg (Rockford) there are 5 lakes, a state game area, a ski lodge (small one), a beautiful forest park, bike trails, miles of paved walking trails, and more. Nature galore. There is a competition to keep up with the Jones's but like I said, I don't care to participate and am proud of my normal 1500 sq ft home and regular normal life. The materialism is bad and sports are more important than anything else at the school. Also, it's not a friendly place. It's not rude, it's just that no one will go out of their way to speak to you. Again, my kids were academics only and that's why we moved here. They are top in that. And yes, they have won 1st place in almost every sport they have. No lie. They offer the most unique sports too if your into that like: Rugby, water polo, equestrian, etc. I honestly would not raise my kids anywhere else and I've enjoyed seeing them have the best education and enjoyed living in such a beautful place. I hope my post helps you to decide and God Bless!

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