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Houston, TX

Response to Frost
- 4/10/2007
For real entertainment on the whole Dallas-Houston feud (oh boy, you had to get them started!! grin), you should visit the Houston Architecture Forum.

In a nutshell ...

Dallas is experiencing record crime rates. Then again, Houston's southwest has had an increase in crime. I think you'll find that this is the case throughout major US cities, and has to do with demographics (i.e. a boom in teenagers reaching the age when they're most likely to commit crimes).

As far as quality of life and so on... Dallas is a more formal, dress-to-impress kind of city, with both Fort Worth and Houston being more down to earth. I would compare it to the difference between LA and San Francisco. San Francisco is proud of its upscale atmosphere, and the city as a whole swings more to one side of the political spectrum, just like Dallas.
Whereas LA and Houston are much more diverse in lifestyle and live-and-let-live about its weaknesses.

Pearland, TX

Think twice before moving here
- 4/10/2007
So you think you might want to live in Pearland. Well, you might want to reconsider. Take it from some young marrieds who have been here for two years.
Pearland is growing exponentially, but doesn't have the backbone to handle it gracefully. For example, our neighborhood has had water turned off four times, when there was too much demand in the city. The main farm road, 518, is bumper to bumper every weekend and most weeknights, especially north to Silverlake and the 288. And there's now word about a massive mall being built nearby, and another dreadful cookie cutter development that will edge into part of Iowa Colony and Manvel (two communities which are as rural as Pearland was forty years ago).
Worst of all in our minds, there are few sidewalks or public activities and culture for the kiddies.

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