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Santa Cruz, CA

The politics run the city down and it shows - 8/31/2021
I went to college at UCSC. I will never go back.Initially, like any other, I was captivated, and damn near hypnotized by the beautiful redwoods, the fun culture, the gorgeous hikes and the beach.Ultimately, all of this is a mask for its hyper PC culture, psuedo-woke virtue signaling shpeals that is actually an amalgamation of meaningless words. The homeless population is jurastically increasing. I paid 1,700$ for an apartment which had black mold, I still suffer health-wise to this day from that. The mental health out there is terrible, but it completely re-inforces itself by Groupthink as well as being in an echo chamber. I absolutely would never raise kids in this area. I also wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. There is no structure out here, no rules at all really, and the drug use is absolutely out of control. I thought I was having a normal kind of college experience, until I spoke with some friends about what their life was like and realized I was in the worst town ever. I have since moved out and realized what an absolute crap hole it is. The people there have no respect, are completely neurotic and obsessed with themselves with simultaneously claim they are meaningless stardust. The landscape is gorgeous and I still think the college is beautiful, but due to the way its being governed and the echo-chamber of it all, you've been warned. And if you don't realize it initially (I didn't), it will hit you eventually.

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