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Newburgh, IN | 4 Review(s)

Now a stay at home dad. We get moved around quite a bit, so have lived in numerous places.


Life Stage: Family with Children


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Castleton-on-Hudson, NY

My Favorite Place So Far - 7/30/2010
I really liked living in Castleton. The weather is next to perfect. There is plenty to do, my kids were involved in soccer that kept us busy...they have a very good program. The schools are terrific! Best we have ever experienced. When I saw our tax bill and it was around 13k for property and schools, you question what on earth you are doing. Well we moved again, only to find ourselves paying 25k for private schools because the public ones are so horrible.....how we wish we were back in Castleton, NY.

Lake Charles, LA

Hot & Humid - 7/30/2010
I grew up in L.C., moved away due to work. Now I only go back to visit family once or twice a year. As much as I miss being near them there is no way I could move back there. I despise the weather! Feeling damp just because you went to the grocery store and were outside for a minute is ridiculous. On the upside, the fishing was very good in and around Big Lake. I never found the people overly friendly....but I generally never cared either. So maybe it is just me.

Ponca City, OK

re: Great place for families - 6/1/2006
- 7/30/2010
Of all the places that we have lived....the family hated this one. There is NOTHING to do in this place...O, wait, there is Fun N Sun, a small water park...the kids did enjoy it. It is seriously a zero. But hey, if you like critters that you may have never seen before, head on out to PC. And spiders, very plentiful. The schools will probably suit you if you plan to stay in Ponca and never leave. The tone that we got was they are only little once so we need to let them enjoy their childhood. We can all probably agree with that statement to some degree...but when you know your child will be in a new school when you transfer and will be so far behind that doesn't really work. Good luck if you are headed there.

Billings, MT

Billings....I liked it, except for...... - 7/30/2010
I lived in Billings in the early 90s and did some work there for a couple of months around 2003. I really enjoyed the outdoor opportunities, especially the hunting. The winter seemed long and very brown! One thing I haven't seen commented on in these write-ups are the sugar beets. Are they still processing these? That smell was nasty at best. It is dry, so bring some lip balm.

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