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Life Stage: n/a
Enjoys: Videogames and parrots


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Palm Harbor, FL

For its price its not that great... - 7/1/2009
Ive lived around this area and I must say it looks worse than Clearwater does, and its a poorer neighborhood. Nothing really that special I dont know why its so expensive here,myrent is about 1200 a month and I think it should be barely 500.. I find myself more happier with Clearwater then this old dumpy area.

Clearwater, FL

Nothing really that special... - 7/1/2009
Paired to Coral Springs FL this place is kinda of old and dumpy. I dont really like the bay area as much as south FL but it does have nicer people. Clearwater is full of shops and places to go but what citi in FL dont!!!!!!!

Coral Springs, FL

This is the best place Ive ever lived in my life! - 7/1/2009
Ive been around the countryand I must say Coral Springs FL is the bestplace in the counttry and the world! Just everything from whether to cleaness. Thetre schools are are awesome they prepare you for everything you need to get into college with. Notto mention this place hasthe best videogames ive everseen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Knoxville, TN

Uglist city Ive ever seen!!!!!!!! - 7/1/2009
This city has nothing to do like the cities in South Florida, Everywhere I look houses and buildings are falling down. And when I first entered the city I choked on pollution and the polluted river. The Neyland stadium is falling apart paried to ther college football stadiums Ive had been to..

Seymour, TN

Most boring place Ive ever lived in my life! - 7/1/2009
I have lived around the country and I most say Seymour TN is the boringist place the country. Everything from shops to my own school is 30 mins or more to drive. Seymour High School which I use to intend had terrible teachers, I never got homework just naptime everyday! The school is old and is falling down. I could go to Knoxville but I forgot its an hour away!!!!!
I dont recomend moving here on less you like stupid farm animals..

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