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Utah, UT

Outdoor paradise ruined by politics and religion. - 7/11/2017
The state is an outdoor paradise of breathtaking beauty and unending opportunities for all sporting, hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing activities. Unfortunately the breathtaking is not limited to the natural beauty. The air quality in the state is abysmal and there is no political will to take any action to improve it.
Outside of Salt Lake County the state is extremely conservative, racist, and dogmatically Mormon. Sans a membership in good standing in the LDS Church including a temple recommend your political, business, and social isolation will be total. That said I left because I could no longer tolerate the air quality or lack of it. The burning eyes, runny nose, and wheezing just got to be too much.

Salt Lake City, UT

Inversions - 3/30/2015
The only real negative above and beyond those common to all big cities is the air quality. The inversions especially in the winter are just horrific. There are just too many days where it is like trying to breath mud in the valley. On the other hand if you live in the mountains the winter commute up and down the passes can be nerve wracking, but that is offset by living in one of the greatest places on the planet, the Utah mountains. So the deal is to find work or retire on the mountain and live on it too. Then you have the best of all worlds; nature in all its glory and the culture that a big city affords make this place just about perfect...

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