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Layton, UT | 2 Review(s)

Beach bum from the Gulf Coast living the Rocky Mountain dream with my US Marine husband, two young boys, and two small doggies.


Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Healthcare - Other
Enjoys: anything outdoors, motorcycling


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Reviews & Comments

Colorado Springs, CO

re: Religion is CONSERVATIVE here - 9/18/2007
- 10/6/2009
That doesn't make sense. I've been to CO Springs many times and my in-laws have lived there most of their lives- with that said, I see NO dominance whatsoever of any type of religion. I come from the south where Christianity is very much dominant, so I believe I've seen all sides of it. Religion is present everywhere in the USA.

If you really want to feel like an "outsider," come to Utah and don't join the LDS church.

Layton, UT

Layton- Close to Everything, Literally! - 10/6/2009
I really love Layton. I moved here because my husband is a US Marine and received orders to Hill AFB on independent duty. Layton is close to everything you could want in a smaller city. We are close to all kinds of shopping, Hill AFB, Ogden (which is a really great, cultural place to hang out), Salt Lake City with all it's amenities, many outdoor recreational activities, the Wasatch mountain front, and lots of famous ski resorts. The weather is generally nice, but I will say there is more snow than I am used to, but I come from the Gulf Coast of the United States.

Some downers for me personally was that I cannot find very many good bars here! I'm not an alcoholic, I don't NEED bars, but it is nice to have around, and I believe the Airforce guys/girls would appreciate it as well.

Some people have had issues with the LDS church here, but I honestly cannot say I have. They're honest people with good values and I have been left alone really. If they bug you, just grab a beer and a cigarette and believe me, no one will talk to you anymore, LOL. All kidding aside, the non-LDS people of this city benefit from their good values.......except maybe the crazy liquor laws, but I can get the "strong" stuff (normal stuff everywhere else in the USA) on base.

Overall, I'm very happy here. It's a great place for us to be the next few years with our two small children. Don't know about forever, though. ;)

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