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Plant City, FL

2018 Plant City is no longer a Mom n Pop town. - 1/1/2019
Plant City has been almost completely taken over by a Hispanic population. (they used to just come in as migrants to work the fields and then leave) Long time locals will now travel to Lakeland or Brandon to shop to just avoid the Mexican crowd. And when I say CROWD you can sit in the parking lot of Walmart, Publix etc and count and you will count 100 Hispanics, 12 Blacks and maybe 3 white people. Sadly they refuse to speak english and will just bump into you, or let their kids run all over etc. It USED to be a great mom and pop town, with its share of very friendly and helpful rednecks and quaint shops. Now its all Mexican, and they are loud, have their own culture, live packed into houses and trailers (not uncommon for 5 to as many as 15 reside in ONE house or ONE trailer and code just looks the other way)., GENERALLY speaking as a whole are unclean, yards unkept-in ANY part of the city etc. have brought with them crime and the youngers LOTS of drugs. Plant City is not the quaint place it once was, it has a couple black areas that you do not want to find yourself in, the rest is mixed race with Mexicans being predominate. And now there seems to be rather large homeless camps in the wooded areas behind Walmart and Publix. (both of them) But then, that's the way most of FL is becoming. The little mom and pop places have all but closed and left the area, the streets that used to be safe to walk on even in the wee hours are no longer that way. It's very sad.

Orlando, FL

Disgusting city
- 1/1/2019
That RAT was most likely a possum. LOL But otherwise agree.

Orlando, FL

- 1/1/2019
Orlando, in fact the I-4 corridor is really a BAD AREA to live, as is much of Florida. Orlando through Tampa has HORRIBLE interstate traffic, and rush hours do not rush, you can expect the interstate to be a standstill or crawl for peak hours with LOTS of accidents. People either drive too slow or too fast and do not respect slowing down for fog or frequent rain. All areas along that corridor are high crime, high drug and highly hispanic with a mix of more rural rednecks. The HEAT is HORRIBLE due to the humidity, so for 9 months of the year its like trying to breath through a straw. There are two seasons, WAAY TOO HOT and Warm. A few cold days just to say you had a winter. Do yourself a HUGE favor and just SKIP FL, unless you are fluent in spanish, don't drive and hate being outdoors. And have a GREAT working a/c unit that is HOOKED to a generator as hurricanes LOVE crossing central FL-which leads to being with out power for 2 days to 2 weeks, depending if you are on a line that feeds a hospital or walmart. Our nighttime LOWS are 78-79, that's just unbearable with humidity so thick it feels like you are moving through and trying to breath melted pudding. NOT EMBELLISHING, this is how it is here. NEVER a breeze unless there is a storm. Lots of people from all over, tourists, NYers, nut cases. Bad mix.

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