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Flagstaff, AZ

Climate change; quality of living - 3/29/2015
I'm afraid these postings are from 2008. I have lived here 23 years and consider the city to be deteriorating. There is very little winter and more and more wind. It has been over ten years of constant elongated construction which has ruined the ambiance of the town. We began to have a rush hour Fridays from noon on, which blocks intersections, but now other days, too. It is poverty with a view, but the view is becoming blocked. Notice these reviews were possibly before the market fall. Jobs are hard and low wage, and quality of living is poor compared to when I moved here. I escape into the back country and SE Arizona and longer interludes. It is still centrally located for some of these things but has lost charm and I find it in other towns which retain their quality of life and prioritize better with little money. I still have to work here until I finish some projects but that is my unfortunate experience. You will get heat-sick in June, and if the rains don't come summer is miserable. Dogs didn't used to get heartworm here because of winter being long enough, but now they do. The hex on Flagstaff is probably due to their abuse of Native issues, like the Snow bowl. Go cross country instead. Look into the history; Flag is still red-neck and people won't recycle. I work in a place where I witness this and haven't been able to change it. Old habits are hard to break in Arizona.

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