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Denver, CO

its not that bad.. - 3/17/2018
good restaurants, alot of inexpensive things to do, people are overall pretty friendly, but its hard to make friends to hang out with. traffic is not any worse than anywhere else. downtown and capitol hill get crazy at night, arvada, buckley/quincy area is pretty chill. most of the white trash is up north in thornton/westminster and the thugs in the montbello/green valley ranch area. cost of living has gone up, but its gone up everywhere. winters are mild, summers are awesome.

California, CA

not what i was led to believe - 3/16/2018
rent is crazy expensive, spaces are cramped, traffic is beyond measure, everything is pricey. spent $7000 to move out here, biggest mistake of my life. cant even afford to enjoy the weather / beach/ etc, bc I have to work 50-60 hours a week to afford to live. this place is bullshit. over crowded, rude people, crime is out of hand. moving back to texas where i once lived comfortably without working 7 days a week. fuck you golden state

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