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Chicago, IL

re: High Cost of Living
- 6/22/2018
Hi, I live in Chicago as well on the Northwest side. And I agree with you on everything you commented about. You forgot to mention the outrageous taxes we have here too.
Good Luck to you !

Chicago, IL

Most corrupt city in the USA - 6/22/2018
The city is loosing people everyday. The taxes will eat you up alive. The crime rate is out of control. It's safer in Iraq.
Winters are long and dreary.
Little if any job growth. Unemployment is a big issue.
The City and State is bankrupt, so they are desperate for more tax hikes.

Houston, TX

re: Ruuuuunnnnnn go bacccckkkkk
- 6/22/2018
Hi, Everything you said about Houston is so true. The heat and the stifling humidity in the Summer is awful. If you have allergies, try New Mexico or Arizona. Houston is one big miserable cesspool. I moved out of there in the late 1990s. Try looking West, or North. There are too many other nice cities out there. Houston is strangling itself with no zoning, lots of traffic, flooding issues, and high crime. It's time to pack your bags and leave that swamp. Good Luck !

Houston, TX

re: FU!@$NG SH@$HOLE
- 6/22/2018
I lived in Houston back in the late 90s. I hated this city. It's not a civilized city. It's really a city for people looking for work, definitely not for beauty, or a scenic city. It's the arm pit of Texas. Try a smaller city, look North, perhaps far northern Texas, or even better, check Denver, Colorado. It's a boom town, with lots of opportunities. Much nicer climate too.
Good Luck.

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