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Nashville-Davidson, TN

A city stuck in the past - 8/19/2020
Having moved back here after living in a couple other cities for the last 7 years, I can see where Nashville has lagged behind in terms of the times.

Most obviously, they have the worst commuting system in the country for a big city. In other cities, I could easily ride my bike a couple miles on a bike path or even side walk to work. In Nashville, they have cars. There are no other means of transportation. This city is devoid of any form of modern transportation outside of a motor vehicle. There are no bike paths, no side walks, no light rail. Everything requires you to get in your car and drive. Oh excuse me, they have a "bus" that has a radius of maybe 10 square miles. Considering the number of people who commute from surrounding counties such as Rutherford and Williamson, you can imagine the amount of congestion. Not to mention, red lights are just a suggestion in this state. I think they have a total of 6 sidewalks in the entire city and they are all downtown.

Speaking of the downtown, the city of Nashville was founded in 1779, and it looks like it hasn't moved on from that year. That's a bit harsh, but this city looks old. Abandoned buildings, old structures, cracked roads, hand-me-down houses, street lights that still hang on wires, and unappreciated vegetative areas (parks). Honestly, this city looks like they are doing the bare minimum in terms of aesthetics.

And if they aren't investing into the city, where is the money going? Sure as heck not into the pockets of its citizens. I knew coming from my previous state that I would take a bit of a pay cut, but I am making less here in TN than I made as a starting salary with my last job. And I have 6 years of experience. My wife who has her degree and 4 years of experience took an immediate $7 pay cut!

Most of what I mentioned above could be mitigated above if the city at least was fun. If you are not a drinker nor a partier (both of which my wife and I are not), then there is nothing else to really do. The music scene is not bad (obviously), the Parthenon is OK, the Country Music HoF seems pretty cool (though I have no interest in country music) and going to a Preds or Titans game is pretty fun, but outside of that, nothing. Most people I have met do the same things every weekend. Go drink downtown or have a bonfire outback. Theme park? No. Zoo? Mediocre. Annual events? Grand Ol' Opry or bust. Art Museum? No. Malls? Opry Mills or travel. Rivers and lakes? Eh, kinda, but way outside of the city.

In all, this city is more like a "buffer" city. For people who want to say they live in a city, but don't want the actual city feel. It's a big city (in terms of population), but has no aspirations to change with the times. The city looks like it finished construction in the mid-1990s and has stayed their ever since and the mind state for people is the same. Once my job time is up here, I can safely say that this will be the last ever living in this state.

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