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Orlando, FL

Orlando has gone downhill - 11/12/2020
As a person who’s lived in Florida for 6 years trust me there’s no lies in these reviews 90% of them are spot on especially about orlando see the city has so much potential to be great but yet the arrogant, disrespectful people that live here will drive you away this is not disney far from it please do your homework before coming here I’d suggest to visit for at least a minimum of 3 weeks to really capture the overall vibe and even then you’d need a little more time because it looks nice does not make it nice , yes the weather is great year round for those escaping the snow up north or other parts yes your close to the beaches but I’d really consider anywhere else before orlando this is not a city you come to for advancement in life whatsoever the obvious is what you get paid anywhere else you won’t make here the overall rent is running up something crazy the homes values are sky rocketing as well if your intentions are to settle down get a good paying job , raise a family eventually buy a home I’d seriously suggest you look into texas or somewhere cheaper and friendlier not to say Florida as whole is bad because that isn’t the case the country sides are beautiful and still have affordable houses and if your bent on a city in fl go for Tampa before you go for Orlando honestly much of what I say may not matter until you come and get that feel because your friends or family probably make you believe otherwise but you’ve have to come and see it with your own eyes spend time in the city , driving around in i4 , 528 , 417 or 192 , even maybe us-27 head to the nearby stores walmart and anywhere you’d go to for essentials, food etc and then you’ll realize this is what it consists of everyday for the rest of your duration here if that’s the move you’d like to make btw no one here uses turning signals I understand that may also be the case in a lot of other major cities but if your not use to seeing that understand that to merge your always risking your life.

Orlando, FL

Cool City but Terrible People
- 11/12/2020
This was spot on who ever disagreed clearly hasn’t lived in Orlando long enough.

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