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I've lived in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and North Carolina. I love to travel and load up the car at every opportunity. I've been to 36 of the 50 states and don't want to snub the rest, so a trip must be in my future.


Life Stage: Empty Nester
Occupation: Insurance
Enjoys: hockey, dog rescue, gardening, travel,


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Fenton, MI

Quality of Life - 12/10/2008
I like Fenton. It's a nice, small town with very little traffic congestion, small time crime and adequate shopping for everyday needs. It has nice festivals, a few 5 k runs each year and 3 parades on Holidays. The New Year's Eve Family Festival is a blast. There is a beautiful downtown park, fishing on the Mill Pond and lots of back roads to ride a bike. We had a tornado last year that nearly destroyed the downtown and the local businesses pulled together to buy new trees and to pay for repairs to the parks, playgrounds and Mill Pond park. It was truly heartwarming!
However, if you want to drink the water, open your wallet wide!! Our water bill for two people, with no lawn watering and average laundry needs runs over $1200 a year!! The police won't show up for an auto accident unless somebody needs an ambulance and the Fire dept is on-call volunteer. The ambulance service is usually staffed with Basic Paramedics, but takes you to a Trauma One Level hospital. (my husband, a paramedic, has on more than one occasion been the 'senior' officer for neighbors' emergencies and had to wait to turn the scene over to a more senior supervisor. One had to be send down from Flint)
Also, you're in the Land of The Automobile. As goes that industry, so goes the state, the cities and your services. The State of Michigan has no back-up plan, no second industry, no future. It's a lovely little town that will be as empty as Flint in 10 years. A very sad, short-sighted situation. Still, I love Fenton.

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