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Kingman, AZ

Wow where do I start. Cops who kill their police animals and they just buy them a new one to kill again. A resident has a dog or cat which the city feels they are not taken care of enough go to jail for 3 years.

KMRC A middle eastern owned hospital with misdiagnosis after misdiagnosis. The chief cardiac doc have to have bypass he had himself flown to Phoenix for care. The hospital just completed a large addition , a bigger morgue NO JOKE. The hospital has a helicopter pad to fly people to las vegas for care since no doctor on staff can preform the most basic tasks like a cut finger they take it off verses sewing it back on. a car crash at a red light with neck injuries get flown to las Vegas. who owns the helicopter service the doctors at the hospital own the company.If your older and need care this is not your home.

City government is like at the JR high level meaning student government. They want to raise taxes so they can build new exits onto the town to benifit KMRC's second doctor owned hospital with LARGER helicopter pads.They allowed a $250,000 splash pad to be built in a park in a slum neighborhood. The splash pad is a can in the air that dumps water every few seconds for you to run under. total retail value $3000.00 water feature found at any pool place. our city government spent $250,000 on it and now spend $40,000.00 per year to maintain it. all your tax dollars at work. oh and it broke and I mean broke the first year used. and still is down after the uneducated kids using it hit the thing with bats to make it dump water more.

Bird land is an area of run down mobiles and drug labs. YES we are the Meth capital of Arizona. We have more drugs here than Mexico can smuggle in to the us. and the crime to fit it. Our police are uneducated freaks. they all weigh over 350 to 400 pounds each. you will call them out because a meth head broke into your home ON CAMERA and they tell you we know who he is and we can't arrest him or her just because he or she is on a camera doing it REALLY! these freaks are afraid to write a speeding ticket. But if your from out of state LOOK out they will find or plant something on you to put you away to make it look like they are working. so they don't have to arrest a church member.

Long story here i could go on, but if you want a nice place to live this is NOT it. This is a place for people who go to the church with the big temples and breed kids like pups and take on 7 wives. heck the child molester Warren Jeffs was not arrested here in KIngman by mistake he was being hidden here by the church until the federal heat got to hot for them to hide him.And they threw him to the wolves to benifit themselves. Like i said keep the medal to the pedal and keep going west or east and save yourself a headache. YOU will be SORRY if you move here.


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