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Memphis, TN

One of my most favourite cites
- 1/27/2006
I've lived and visited cities in the Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa, and Memphis is wonderful. The city has everything you could possibly want to do except surf. Those who say "there is nothing to do" must have never been west of Germantown Parkway. The city also has many cultural events. Other than car thefts, Memphis' crime is average for a metro of 1.2 million and the city is successfully lowering it and are working hard to improve the city schools.
There is also alot of greenspace, charming 19th century neighborhoods, and a streetcar that travels around downtown and the medical district. The summers are very hot and mosquito infested (wear repellant!!!). Commute times are short, the economy is growing, and the cost of living is low. Memphis was once considered a "racially divided, backwater river town" and has revitalized into a bustling cosmopolitan city.

Germantown, TN

Outstanding town
- 1/13/2006
Germantown is the "rich" part of Memphis. Germantown High School has an amazing arts, athletic, and acedemic reputation. It is near the big city but has its own personality. Germantown has many festivals, plays, and there are also events going on at the Germantown Centre. You might even spot a celeberty or two.

Lebanon, TN

Lebanon, TN
- 1/13/2006
Lebanon is redneck and conservative but the people are generally friendly. The town is extremely pretty and is close to Nashville and Murfessboro. The public schools aren't very good but the weather is very nice.

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