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Life Stage: Family with Children
Occupation: Healthcare - Other


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Miami, FL

Traffic in Miami
- 10/20/2019
I'm sorry you had that experience, Diane. As someone had lived in Miami most of my life when people tell me they want to go there I tell them not to. It's just not good. You're spot on about the traffic and people. I moved away nearly 8 years ago and don't miss it. Terrible.

Miami, FL

- 10/20/2019
I lived in Kendal for most of my life. You're exactly right.

Santa Clarita, CA

Avoid LA by moving north. - 10/20/2019
I've lived in Santa Clarita for nearly 7 years and have greatly enjoyed my time here. It's a great place to raise a family with a great sense of community. The concerts in the park every summer is a great community event. Central Park and the other parks in SC are well maintained and peaceful. The weather is classic southern California a dry heat with a bit of chill at night. Naturally, summers are a bit hotter than normal and winters can be a bit windy and cold but mostly the weather is everything you could want if you're avoiding humidity and snow. The beautiful scenery makes the many hiking and bike trails a comforting experience. Also, Six Flags is right off the 5 freeway providing some family fun on weekends and summer days. There is a good mix of unique food options for those that like to try new things. Furthermore, Los Angeles is 30 mins south (with no traffic) if you want to expand those options. For those driving south for work, the drive can be awful as LA like any major city has its fair share of traffic troubles. Many will complain that the housing prices are really high but that's California for you. If that's a factor I wouldn't recommend moving to the Los Angeles area. The only major issue I have with Santa Clarita is the zombies. Just kidding, it's the roads. Having grown up in Miami where the roads are mostly a grid, much like the rest of Los Angeles, Santa Clarita can be a confusing affair for those who just moved here. I've joked that roads can start out taking you north only to end up with you traveling West, South, South West and then North again. It's a quiet place with a lot to offer to families.

Miami, FL

Visit, vacation, don’t live here. - 10/20/2019
I was born in Miami and moved away when I was 27. I have spent time in the north east and now call the west coast home. I only ever occasionally go back to Miami because I still has family there. Otherwise I’d never go back. The first thing you’d notice when you arrive is the ungodly brutal heat that invaded every aspect of your life. Even at night when you think you’d get a break the soupy humidity creeps up your back and neck. A/C is your friend. Customer service whether I’d be retail or restaurant is usually just okay to painfully poor. Spanish for many is a first language and sometimes only language. As a Cuban/Argentinian I don’t mind. But I do mind when associates or waiters simply don’t speak any English. I don’t blame the employee, as the child of immigrants I know people may have just arrived and need work. I do blame the businesses for putting them at registers setting them up, often, for failure. If you’re not a Spanish speaker this may not be the city for you. Traffic can be terrible but that’s basically any major city at the wrong time of day. However, since the city developed from the beach first the highway system is often a messy experience. If you live in the suburbs, four to five lane highways often exit into two lane roads which leads to more frustration. Drivers are hyper aggressive. I’ve lived in other places and when I do return to Miami, there is a noticeable difference in attitudes on the roads. If you like the beach the water is often full of waves and very warm. Living on the west coast now, I do miss those temperatures. However, I don’t miss the struggle to get in and out of the beach. Again, because the city started there, parts of the beach consist of one lane roads and traffic again can be a disaster. There is a diversity of ethnic food which is great if you’re a foodie. Authentic Cuban food can be found most everywhere. The night life is really great even if it was never really my thing. Overall, vacation there, don’t live it lacks a lot of what makes other cities great.

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